LUMU members propose to think, study, and contribute to a better understanding of the African descent diaspora reality.
Its contribution will be with knowledge, for the effort of solving society’s problems, for the benefit of all and future generations.
To achieve their goals, LUMU members will help with their knowledge, in research work and other initiatives that, obeying the highest standards of rigor and quality, allow for a better understanding of reality, present concrete solutions, recommendations for social actors, deepen the debate around the great national problems, and contribute to justice for all.
The activities of LUMU members will be guided by the principles of human dignity, social solidarity and the values of democracy, freedom, equal opportunity, merit and pluralism.
LUMU members will act with absolute independence from all public and private powers, ideologies, currents of opinion, philosophical tendencies, creeds or religious confessions.
Its members are the guarantors of compliance with these standards, namely their independence.
LUMU members will seek to provide the society with clear, objective and accurate information about the results of their activities, also ensuring maximum transparency about their organization, their purposes, their sources of funding and their activities.
LUMU members will hold broad and plural public debates around their recommendations as important as conducting studies and research.
In the pursuit of their activities, LUMU members will seek to be faithful to the commitment to social responsibility that constitutes their mission as defined by LUMU.
LUMU members consider it essential to promote a more active involvement of civil society in the reflection and resolution of African descent problems, and will make every effort to give citizens the widest possible knowledge of their initiatives and projects